LSH season 2 ep.13: “Dark Victory” part 2

The end of the season and the series featuring the full compliment of the Legion of Super-Heroes (and the Subs) battling one of their own: Brainiac 5, as he tries to digitize the universe (starting with Thanagar in a scene right out of Flash Gordon). When I mentioned last episode that stealing the focus off of Imperiex changes the focus, this episode shows that the true focus has always been about Brainy. During a potential sacrifice of a merged Superman/Superman X to save Brainy, there’s a scene that has echoes from episode one of this season in which, in a simulated training, Brainy is played to be Superman’s hero. When the merged Supermen describe him as such, Brainy emerges victorious over the original Brainiac and all is restored. Including Superman X’s future and, in a touching moment, the return of Duo Damsel’s third body. It’s great to see the full Legion roster (Chemical King! Tyroc using his powers! Dawnstar! And was that XS? And one that I couldn’t identify). You can also catch a quick Superman Red/Superman Blue homage. Eventually, Superman X is made a member before he goes back to his future. And the transformation of B5 into something more human was a nice touch for the way this series has been playing out. Good stuff. 

Long live the Legion.

LSH season 2 ep.12: “Dark Victory” part 1

Here we go! End of the series episodes! Turns out that, back when Brainiac 5 dared to encounter his ancestor, Brainiac 1.0, it was actually Imperiex that anticipated this action. Imperiex wants B5 to rule by his side. Of course it all goes wrong and Brainiac 5 dominates Imperiex killing him (off-screen) and twisting the whole direction of the season (or did it?). Not only that, the episode ends with the apparent death of the original Superman. Fairly grim episode! 


LSH season 2 ep.11: “In Your Dreams”

Another Legion concept emerges onto the TV show: the Dark Circle - one that I always felt needed more exploration in the DCU of the future. Two of the named members of the Dark Circle are straight from the comics: Grullug and Ontiir, although their appearances are different. This episode also helps to spotlight Dream Girl. We’ve seen her on and off but this ep gives her focus. And there’s a small funny exchange between Timber Wolf and Starboy playing paper football.


LSH season 2 ep.10: “Trials”

Another character returns from season one. Zyk (from s1e7) has his magic taken away on the planet Zarok (the TV version of the comicbook Sorcerer’s World known as Xerox). Of course that’s when Mordru drops on the scene to wreak havoc. Enter the Legion, Zyk’s attempt to regain his powers by way of a trial (led by the White Witch!), and Superman X does some magic of his own.


LSH season 2 ep.9: “In the Beginning”

The origin of the Legion is told set against the backdrop of a story in the present. We finally get to see R.J. Brand! And we learn that Saturn Girl and Matter Eater Lad are shown recuperating from episode 1! Yikes! Because of the rivalry between Lightning Lad and Cosmic Boy (mostly over Saturn Girl) Brainiac 5 tells Superman X of how they first came together. It’s fun to see the Legion as kids, to see the Superman Museum of the future (and wondering if it inspired the Superman Museum in Legion of Three Worlds or vice versa?), even to hear a Scooby Doo reference. Plus we get to see the old rocket HQ, Tyroc in full afro, a young set of Legionnaires with costumes that are a mix of their classic comic costumes and the cartoon stye. And then that image morphs to the current roster in front of their more modern orange HQ. Fun episode.

LSH season 2 ep.8: “Message in a Bottle”

Imperiex attacks Superman’s Fortress in the future - zapping him into the bottle city of Kandor for the first time (Superman mentions he only built the Fortress “six months ago” in his own time). Imperiex arrived first, looking for the Messenger, something Jor-El created that was stolen by “the Terror”. Which of course turns out to be the original Brainiac. We get a Superman robot. A Krypto appearance. Another Great Crisis reference. Vi’s powers are messed up in the bottle. Sort of like her LeVIathon powers during the Zero Hour reboot. And then it finally comes out that B5 is a descendant of the original Brainaic, the cause of Krypton’s destruction. Brainy eventually taps into his memory and meets 1.0 and receives an upgrade. I’m sure that’ll come back to haunt him. To defeat Imperiex, Kandor’s red sun is made yellow to empower all the Kandorians including a Krypto and Streaky cameo. Using the Messenger, a New Krypton is formed out of the destruction of the old and Kandor is restored to full size (under a red sun though. Weird). And to protect the timeline, Brainy zaps Superman’s memory of it all. And it ends with a sly smile on B5’s face. Yup. Something’s going to come of all this.

LSH season 2 ep.7: “Unnatural Alliances”

This ep does a riff on Terminator, when the Terra Man comes from the future to take out a young boy who would grow up to create the technology that would eventually empower Imperiex. Turns out Terra Man was sent by K3NT - the same entity that created Superman X. This ep shows off Starboy (the Mark Waid version) as well as the new design and attitude for Duo Damsel. We also get the origin of Imperiex. 

LSH season 2 ep.6: “Who am I?”

In their ongoing battle against Imperiex, Chameleon Boy is being trained to infiltrate his forces by becoming a copy of Persuader. Which keeps in line with the comic character, as he’s a member of the Legion Espionage Squad. Another ep by JM DeMatteis. During a battle, Lightning Lad goes up against Validus - a nugget of a nod to their relationship in the comics. And eventually it all turns out to be a redemption story for the villain Ron-Karr, a fate similar to his comic counterpart even if his powers are different. 

LSH season 2 ep.5: “Karate Kid”

Grimbor the Chainsman! More Legion Audition tryouts! And then the introduction of -Nemesis Kid?! Okay, that was a surprise. And once he was made part of the Legion I just assumed it would go down in a manner in line with Legion lore: Nemesis Kid can take away powers, Karate Kid has no powers, so clearly NK must be a spy working with Grimbor and only KK will be able to stop him. But nope. The ep goes a different way and both NK and KK are made members. Unless this is a feint for a later revelation. Which I could totally see happening. Especially since it looked like Grimbor was stealing specific items that could eventually target and trap the Legionnaires. I guess we’ll see. PS/ Keith Giffen probably hated this episode. 

LSH season 2 ep.4: “Chained Lightning”

An episode about Ayla Ranzz right after an ep about TImber Wolf. Cute. A sequel of sorts to the season 1 ep “Lighting Storm” with the return of Mekt. A bit of twist to the Ranzz origins. More Dominators. More Imperiex. Shrinking Violet is played off as a gothy tech whiz with a snort. Lightning Lad loses his arm. All this and the Wilhelm Scream.