Covers of comics that are (or have been) in my collection at one point or another.


Flash: Black Flash, a Grant Morrison/Mark Millar creation, and a fairly simple one that probably should’ve been thought of much earlier. He’s the Grim Reaper of the Speed Force, serving the same role as Black Racer for the New Gods. It seemed a bit strange at the time, but the concept has continued even through Flash Rebirth and Blackest Night. (1998)

Marvel Team-Up: Dreadnoughts! Like Rom, like Sentinels, I love me some soulless Dreadnoughts. (1984)

New X-Men (2003)

Nightwing (2008)

Wonder Woman: The first issue of the Eric Luke/Yanick Paquette run. This is also the first cover by Adam Hughes who would go on to do almost 50 covers over the next five years. The Luke run is nothing too earth-shattering but he did create an interesting character in Devastation - a younger character granted powers by darker gods much the same way Diana was given powers by her own gods. Historically, the run is seen mostly as the “interim” between the Byrne and Jimenez runs. (1998) 

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